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Certificate of Origin

We provide a complete Certificate of Origin preparation service, for both European Community and Arab-British Certificates. We can handle all aspects of your Certificates, from typing the document, arranging certification by the London or Arab-British Chambers of Commerce and, if required, lodging the documents for legalisation by the relevant Embassy. Simply send us a copy of your Commercial Invoice and we will do the rest. The London Chamber of Commerce are based in-house in our offices near Heathrow Airport, so we provide the fastest possible certification service in the U.K.

What is a Certificate of Origin and why would my business need one?
A European Community Certificate of Origin is a commercial or Customs clearance requirement in various countries, and is used to evidence the origin of the goods. Upon completion, the Certificate of Origin will be certified by the London Chamber of Commerce, and if required, can be legalised by some Embassies, depending on the destination of the document. The Certificate can be requested for any country worldwide.

An Arab-British Certificate of Origin is used for the same purpose as a European Community Certificate; however the completed document will be certified by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, and is usually sent to the relevant country’s Embassy for legalisation. These documents are required for the majority of shipments to nations of the Arab League, and are the only documents guaranteed to clear Customs in the Arab countries. An Arab-British Certificate of Origin can only be raised for the countries below:

• Algeria
• Bahrain
• Djibouti
• Iraq
• Jordan
• Kuwait
• Lebanon
• Libya
• Mauritania
• Morocco
• Oman
• Qatar
• Saudi Arabia
• Somalia
• Sudan
• Syria
• Tunisia
• Yemen

Please contact us to discuss your shipment, and we will provide advice on which type of Certificate of Origin is required and the recommended level of authentication.

How do I apply for a Certificate of Origin?

- Electronically – please contact our Sales Dept on +44 1784 254123 for information on Quickcert, our online certification platform, which provides certified documents within an hour

- Manually – send us your Commercial Invoice by email or post, and we’ll complete the document for you. If you’re based in London or the Home Counties, please contact us as we may be able collect your document using one of our couriers.

- Over the counter at our Head Office at London Heathrow

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