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What is an Apostille?
An Apostille is a pre-printed form certifying a document for use in another country, pursuant to the 1961 Hague Convention. The Apostille is an abbreviated method of legalisation that certifies the Notary’s signature. Simply put, countries that are party to the Hague Convention have agreed to do away with the lengthy legalisation process and accept documents with the Apostille as authentic. An Apostille is issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth’s Legalisation Office. With an Apostille certification, a notarised document is entitled to recognition in the country of intended use and there is no requirement for certification or legalisation by the country of recordal’s nearest Embassy or Consulate in the U.K. The advantage of an Apostille is that the document will not have to go through the time consuming legalisation process.

Why use Blair Consular?
Blair Consular can arrange this process on your behalf, and we offer either a standard service through the Milton Keynes Office or an express service through the specialist high-volume business counter in London. Using Blairs to process your Foreign Office documentation ensures you benefit from the fastest service possible – due to the high volume of documents we process, our own dedicated Blair couriers lodge documents in person on a daily basis at the Foreign Office counters, whereas companies and members of the public are required to use the slower 48 hour postal service. Our service ensures that your documents are processed with efficiency, security and confidentiality at all times. The majority of documents which are lodged for Apostille must be notarised prior to lodging – the only exceptions are those which have been issued by a Government Body. Blair Consular can arrange this on your behalf using our network of U.K. Notaries. Many documents will also need to be legalised.

In the case of filing Trade Mark/Patent documentation, even if a country is a member of the Hague Convention, an assignment document may not require an Apostille since the local trademark office may not require certification to record a trademark assignment. This can best be confirmed by consulting with your associate. A few countries which will accept documents certified by Apostille are Austria, Greece, Italy and Portugal.

  • How do I apply to have my document notarised, apostilled or legalised?*
  • Over the counter at our Head Office at London Heathrow
  • By post -you will need to send us your original documentation to be processed. For further information, please call our specialist Corporate Legal & Regulatory Department on +44 (0) 1784 427 750

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