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What is legalisation?
Legalisation is the most time consuming method of authentication. This is the method by which certain documents are authenticated by an Embassy or Consulate in the U.K for the country where the document is to be filed. A number of countries, primarily in South America and the Middle East, still require this kind of legalisation.
The document must first be notarised and authenticated by the Foreign Office order for it to be processed for legalisation. After a stamp is applied by the Foreign Office (confusingly still called an Apostille stamp), the document must be forwarded to the respective Embassy or Consulate of the relevant country in the U.K. For certain Arab countries, the document may also require certification by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce prior to Embassy legalisation. Legalisation can be a lengthy process, very specific to the particular country, and must be strictly complied with, or the documents can be rejected by the local authorities.

Why use Blair Consular?
With over 45 years in the legalisation business, you can rely on Blair Consular to provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient service for processing your documentation. We process 1000’s of documents for legalisation on a weekly basis from clients all over the world, and a significant proportion of this volume is legal documentation, which we either receive directly from our corporate clients, their associates or Notaries. Depending on the market concerned, we evaluate the ‘optimum’ legalisation route in terms of compliance, speed and cost to deliver the best possible service to our customers. We also provide technical translations for all legal documents, using experienced certified translators, a service which is often required when lodging documents at Embassies/Consulates overseas for certain markets.

  • How do I apply to have my document notarised, apostilled or legalised?*
  • Over the counter at our Head Office at London Heathrow
  • By post -you will need to send us your original documentation to be processed. For further information, please call our specialist Corporate Legal & Regulatory Department on +44 (0) 1784 427 750

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