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Passports & Visas

Passports & Visas

Blair Consular Services can assist all EU and most other nationals who have a UK residency stamp in obtaining Business and Tourist visas for most countries in the world.

As an accredited agency with the Passport Office and the Embassies in London we ensure that our clients applications are processed with the minimum of delay.

We visit all the Embassies on a daily basis using our own couriers ensuring that all applications are handled with security and confidentiality. For countries which have no official representation in the U.K or for nationals of other countries, we have arrangements with other European agents to ensure that your application can still be processed with efficiency.

As Embassy procedures vary greatly from country to country, using a professional agency such as Blair Consular Services avoids potentially stressful and expensive delays. In addition to the fastest processing times possible, our clients benefit from the correct amount of paperwork being lodged with the Embassy, stringent checking of documentation, and payment of fees in advance.

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