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Arab-British Certificate of Origin

An Arab-British Certificate of Origin is a shipping document which is used to evidence the country of origin of goods being exported to Arab League countries. The primary purpose of the certificate is to establish the rate of import duty payable in the importing country.
A Certificate can be issued for the following countries:

• Algeria
• Bahrain
• Djibouti
• Iraq
• Jordan
• Kuwait
• Lebanon
• Libya
• Mauritania
• Morocco
• Oman
• Qatar
• Saudi Arabia
• Somalia
• Sudan
• Syria
• Tunisia
• Yemen

The Certificate will be certified by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and will usually also require Embassy legalisation. We work closely with the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and all foreign consulates in London to ensure the prompt processing of documentation.

Applications for an Arab-British Certificate of Origin can be made using our online platform, Quickcert, which allows users to secure Chamber certification on a same day service, or by using our comprehensive document preparation service.

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