About Us

Benefits of Using Blair

Experience & Efficiency

Blair has developed an unrivalled reputation over the years, and we remain the first source of contact for exporters who require advice on Embassy requirements and procedures; in order to provide the highest level of service, and because we are also representing the company whose documents we are processing, we understand the importance of maintaining a high profile and projecting a good image. With staff and couriers who are helpful and knowledgeable, we can guarantee a first class service.

Location & Service

In order for a large number of documents to be processed efficiently on a daily basis, it is necessary to be in close proximity to the Embassies and other government departments at all times. Due to the location of our downtown D.C. office and the size of our fleet we can always guarantee that customers’ documents will be handled by Blair couriers only, without the need to outsource to third parties.

Urgent Documents

We always endeavour to process documents in the shortest possible time, and for selected countries we are able to offer express services which are often not advertised by the Embassies themselves, either to other agents or the general public, saving you valuable time. We would be happy to advise you on request of the possible time-savings which can be made.

Online Facilities

In order to keep pace with advancements in technology, we continuously develop our systems to provide our clients with the most efficient service possible. Our pioneering document certification programs are industry firsts and have saved U.S, U.K. and European exporters valuable time over previous procedures.

Relationship with Embassies

As the U.K’s leading consular agent and now with a D.C. office, our relationship with Embassy & Departmental personnel is unsurpassed. This is an integral part of a consular service, and it ensures that our customers’ documents are given priority wherever possible. We understand the importance of maintaining this relationship and the benefits that it can offer to our clients.

Credit Facility & Payment Options

As part of our service, we pay all Embassy and official fees in advance on your behalf. We offer a standard credit facility of thirty days, however we are very flexible with regard to payment options and are happy to discuss any particular requirements you may have, including yearly/monthly handling rates or deposit systems. We also accept payment in Euros and US dollars.