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Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates

Vital records are records of life events kept under governmental authority, and they include Birth, Marriage, Death & Divorce Certificates.

There are many reasons why Vital records may need to be recorded in a foreign country. For example, Vital records are required in an overseas marriage, in the child adoption process a child, or in the settlement of an estate/inheritance. Only original certified copies of Vital records are accepted for legalization, and by the authorities overseas. Certified copies are issued by the Vital Records Departments at state or county level. An Apostille issued by the Secretary of State in the state of issue confirms that the signature of the Vital Records official is a true signature of this person, and for countries which are party to the Hague Convention Act of 1961, this document can now be used overseas. For countries which are part of the Hague Convention, further authentication at the State Dept and legalization at the relevant Embassy in Washington, D.C is required.

On your behalf we can:

  • Obtain an Apostille (for Hague Convention countries) or certification (non-Hague countries) at the Secretary of State
  • Provide a translation of the certificate/s if required
  • Arrange authentication at the State Dept
  • Arrange Embassy/Consulate legalization

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