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U.S. Israel Certificate of Origin

U.S.exports are eligible to qualify for preferential access to the Israeli market, and under the United Nations Free Trade Agreement all shipments from the U.S. to Israel must be accompanied by a special document – the U.S.- Israel Certificate of Origin. Without this form, the shipment will not be permitted to clear Israeli Customs.

Using our secure online service http://www.quickcertusa.com , Chamber of Commerce certification can be arranged online from the comfort of your own desk. Simply create the Certificate of Origin using our template, submit it to the Chamber electronically, and we will then dispatch the fully certified document to you by courier on the same business day.(Unfortunately Israeli Customs do not accept electronic signatures, so a ‘wet’ Chamber stamp must be applied to all documents.)

The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce are based in-house at our offices, so we provide the fastest possible fully authorized certification service in the U.S.

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