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U.S. Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is an internationally recognized shipping document, used to prove the origin of the goods being shipped, and is a commercial or Customs clearance requirement in various countries. The document will, as a minimum, need to be certified by an authorized Chamber of Commerce. but may also require legalization by the destination country’s Embassy in the U.S. prior to the shipment taking place.

Using our secure online service http://www.quickcertusa.com , Chamber of Commerce certification can be arranged online from the comfort of your own desk. Simply create the Certificate of Origin using our template, submit it to the Chamber electronically, and within an hour the fully certified document will be available to print. The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce are based in-house at our offices, so we provide the fastest possible fully authorized certification service in the U.S.

If Embassy legalization is required, Blair Consular can also arrange this on your behalf.

Please contact us to discuss your shipment and we will provide advice on the recommended level of authentication required for your destination.

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