Arabic Translations

Arabic Translations

We specialise in translations to and from English & Arabic covering a wide variety of digital file formats, a range of subject areas and industries sectors.

Interpreting services

High-quality communication for a variety of situations

From conferences to client visits, Blairs Translations offers a wide range of interpreting services to meet your specific needs.
We offer the following types of service:

  • Ad hoc interpreting
 In ad hoc interpreting (also known as ‘liaison interpreting’), information is relayed by the interpreter a few sentences at a time. This service is ideal for small groups (two to three participants) and informal situations such as hospital visits or solicitor appointments. No special equipment is required.
  • Consecutive interpreting 
In consecutive interpreting, the speaker pauses every two to five minutes to allow the interpreter to relay what has been said. Consecutive interpreting is often used in business meetings, court proceedings or conferences and is ideal for medium-sized groups. Some special equipment, such as a microphone, may be required.
  • Simultaneous interpreting This service is used for large meetings where speakers of several different languages may be present. Interpreters, often working in pairs, interpret the event’s proceedings as they occur. Special equipment such as listening booths, headphones and microphones are required.

Qualified professionals that meet professional standards

Our interpreters have industry experience and hold qualifications from internationally recognised bodies such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the Institute of Linguists.

In accordance with industry standards, our interpreters take all reasonable steps to ensure complete, impartial and effective communication between the parties. To this end, we only use experienced interpreters who specialise in the subject matter of a given situation to ensure precision, clarity and appropriateness of terminology and register.

Interpreters are available for a wide range of European and other languages.

Documents & Formats

File formats

We can translate a variety of file formats, including:

  • Access
  • Adobe Acrobat (for PDF files)
  • Corel Ventura Publisher
  • Excel
  • FrameMaker
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • PageMaker
  • PhotoShop
  • PowerPoint
  • QuarkXPress
  • Scripting languages such as ASP, JSP, INC, HTML, SGML and XML
  • Word
  • Document types

From birth certificates to user manuals containing hundreds of pages, we also have extensive experience translating a variety of document types for a wide range of subject areas:
User guides, publications, presentations, brochures, press releases, websites, books, marketing materials, administrative documentation, patents, marketing documentation, reports, software, tape transcriptions and e-mails

Industry and technology

Material safety data sheets, assembly instructions, guidelines, operating and instruction manuals, patent applications, policies and procedures, practices and recommendations, products specifications, project management procedures, tender documents, glossaries and indexes

Medicine, pharmacology and life sciences

Clinical practice guidelines, clinical studies, diagnostic guidelines, drug dosage schedules, medical charts, medical test guidelines, medication guides, pharmaceutical guides, patient information and history records and scientific papers

Marketing and advertising

Advertising documents, articles, brand and generic names, catalogues, corporate communications, descriptions of services, industry information, industry newsletters, sales materials, flyers

Legal documents for all areas

Agreements, contracts, licensing requirements, regulatory issues

Humanities and social sciences

Human resources documentation, training tools and resources, curriculum units, educational materials, lesson plans, bibliographies

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